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Decorate Your 


With Plants!

About Us

Pole Green Nurseries has a wealth of growing experience with three generations of our family having cultivated plants at the site in Charnock Richard since 1929. A large amount of the plants that you'll find on sale at the nursery have been grown on site and as a result we can be confident of their quality and we can offer them to our customers at great prices.


Along with these plants we offer a large range of pots, fertilisers and chemicals, composts, seeds/bulbs, tools and a whole host of other gardening sundries.  

Opening Times

Mon 9 - 5

Tue 9 - 5

Wed 9 - 5

Thu 9 - 5

Fri 9 - 5

Sat 9 - 5

Sun 10 - 5 

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